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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Brown Sugar Body Scrub

In my ongoing quest to make my family healthier, I have found 'recipes' for homemade shampoo, conditioner, facial scrubs, body scrubs, and of course, cleaning products.

I have tried a few recipes, I have bought a lot of products.  A lot.  My Nikki has eczema and very sensitive skin.  Every bar of $15 soap made me go online and find another solution.

This is the one that I like the best.  I make it in small batches.  What I love about it is the ease of making it. There are only 4 ingredients.  There is no ruining the entire batch because you put a little too much of one ingredient.  If you are out of an ingredient, there are substitutions.

I originally found the recipe somewhere on Pinterest, but have altered it several times.  I have made changes because I found better smells, I didn't have an ingredient, or just because I didn't like the way it felt on my skin.  So I now consider this mine.

The great thing about this is that I NEVER measure.  I just scoop and add and adjust as I 'feel' each time :)

First you need 4 simple ingredients:

Epsom Salt
Brown Sugar (any kind)
Olive Oil
Vanilla  (mine is homemade - in the mason jar)

That't it.  Just 4 ingredients.  I use an old deli meat container to store all of this in (reuse and recycle!)

Step 1

Add about a cup of brown sugar, and about a cup of Epsom salt to your container.

Step 2:

Add in about a Tablespoon of vanilla

Step 3: Add your oil.  You want to add just enough to make the mixture wet.  I added way too much here - no worries, just add more of the brown sugar and/or Epsom salt

Finally: store in a sealed container in the bathtub/shower.  I love the way this smells!  My Nikki comes out of the bathroom "Mama, I smell like cookies!"  I love it!  This is great to exfoliate before shaving, on your face (don't worry about the oil, my skin is oily, but this feels great and doesn't clog my pores).

I still have a little too much oil here, but that's ok, Add more dry ingredients now, or after it has been used.

This is so quick and easy to make, my 11 year old can do it - and we all love the way it feels.  Best of all I know exactly what they are putting on their skin!

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