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Monday, April 28, 2014

Minion cupcakes

I have seen several posts for "Minion Cupcakes" and thought they were absolutely adorable.  I also thought they would be really hard to make.  Then I looked at them really hard.  I'm pretty creative - or so I like to think.  With our big banjo show (and bake sale) coming up I thought I would give it a try.

Need:  Cupcakes (homemade or store bought)
            Writing Icing
            Cupcake Icing (homemade or store bought - if you use store bought                                                                  cupcakes you don't even have to ice them)
            Candy eyes or Smarties
            Chocolate Sprinkles

Start with a basic cupcake recipe.  I would share this recipe, but it wasn't fabulous.  It was barely good.

Get a box of twinkies (I used the cheap brand) and cut them in half.

Use this Writing Icing (or another brand)

Do NOT use this stuff

Using your writing icing, draw a line (for the goggles) around the top quarter of the twinkie

Now decide how many eyes your Minion will have.  I made two eyes on this guy.  Don't over do it on the icing, otherwise his eyes will run and move.  If your kiddos are helping and they get a bit carried away with the icing, just let it dry a bit before adding the eyeballs.

Now, Add your eyes.  I already had candy eyes (I ordered them online years ago), but I have also seen them at craft stores and even Kroger.  If you don't want to buy candy eyes, just use a smartie or two and put a drop of writing icing in the middle for the pupel.

Now give him a mouth.  You can see that the icing was a little crazy here on the goggles.

 Ice your cupcakes while your Minions are drying.

When the icing (on the Minion) has fully dried (about 30 minutes - the longest 30 minutes ever!!), put the Minion on top of the cupcake.

Using chocolate sprinkles, give your Minion hair.  In this photo you see I did the hair before putting the Minion on the cupcake.  Trust me, it's so much easier when he is upright.

This is my army of Minions.  How cute are they!?

Then I had a FANTASTIC idea!  Since I am making these to sell at a banjo show..... why not teach them to play ukulele?

These were not only a huge hit with the kids, but the other banjo moms, teens, and even the older folks that came to watch the show.  It was SOOOOO easy to make.  I actually made six dozen in just a few hours.  The longest and hardest part was 1) letting the cupcakes cool before icing them, and 2) letting the goggles dry before setting the Minions on the cake.


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