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Monday, April 21, 2014

The day we found Ted

On our way to check out a new co op this morning, I was driving down Clear Lake City Blvd.
It's not a huge road, but with 4 lanes of traffic at rush hour - I don't want to walk in the middle of it!  This particular part of the road goes over a small creek.  It's been really, really dry lately.  Well, I noticed in front of me - a turtle!

Well, everyone in our house is an animal lover - so I stopped.  If I didn't stop my kids (and conscience) would make me feel guilty forever.  I stopped in the middle of the road, turned on my 4-ways and stopped traffic.  I let my son get out (on the safe side) and grab this turtle.

Knowing that turtles can bite, he kept the head facing away from his body, and hands toward the rear.  It seems that the turtle had some water in his shell - as soon as the slow moving reptile was tilted, water drained from the shell. I had to laugh.  It appeared that the reptile was peeing on my son!  :)

We took the turtle in the truck and put him on a towel.  We didn't want any more water to drain on to the seat.  Then we drove over to an abandoned golf course with a creek running through it.  It only took a few minutes to turn the truck around and get to this area.

On the way,and while finding the 'perfect' place to release Ted - being the good home school mom I am - we looked up all kinds of information including what kind of turtle it was.  I even learned a lot from the short time we researched Ted and his species.

Although he was with our family for just a short time, we will always remember Ted the Turtle :)

Every day is an adventure with kids :)

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