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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Pinterest Project - Pizza Appe-teezers

Yes, that says appe-teezer.  That's because if you truly make this an appetizer, it is a tease!  I made these for a small get together at my house, then I had to make more - for dinner.  The kids loved them.   So simple, but..... there are a few things to make it easier.

This is what I will start calling my Pinterest project.  I spend time looking at crafts and recipes and all kinds of fun stuff - it's time to actually start trying it!  Here we go!

4 Simple ingredients: 
crescent rolls (I usually buy store brand, but these were on sale and I had coupons....)
Pizza sauce - left over from making pizza 2 weeks ago
string mozzarella cheese

Roll out the crescents into triangles.  Spread on sauce.  After actually making these and eating them, and making them again, I left out the sauce and put it on the side for dipping.  Much better - leave the sauce out - too messy.

Cut the string cheese in half

Put the string cheese at the largest part of the triangle

Add pepperoni - we like a lot of pepperoni, but add a little at a time

I started rolling.....

And added more pepperoni

Forgot to take more photos - hard to roll messy pizza rolls and take photos.

Hint 1:  Leave off the sauce.  Use it for dipping
Hint 2:  PULL and roll.  If you dont pull, the crescent fluffs and you end up with a lot of roll and not much pepperoni.

Bake 325 degrees about 10 minutes.

Hint 3: Serve hot.  I made these for an event and they were cold by the time I got around to eating (with company).  They were ok, but much better fresh from the oven.

Hint 4:  Do not over bake.  Crescents are sensitive anyhow, if you over bake, you loose cheese - not cool when you are making pizza.

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