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Saturday, December 28, 2013

'Homemade' Toilet cleaner

I like to keep natural stuff in my house.  No crazy deadly chemicals.  It's difficult to keep a clean, 'germ-free' house with 3 kids.  Sometimes buying the cleaners at the store is just easier.

I've been following the Fly Lady for several years now, but never really keeping up with her daily tasks.  I (try) to read the testimonies and (really!) try to do at least 2 routines a week.

One thing that she says, that keeps popping in my head once in a while is "Soap is soap"

I got a new washer machine a few months back.  Love it!  The only problem is that I had bought 3 large boxes of laundry soap.  The soap was not for a HE machine.  Hubby bought me a HE machine.  What do I do with several hundred loads of soap now? Hmmm

The soap sat in the laundry room for about 2 months.  I was going to put it on freecycle and bless someone else with it.

While cleaning toilets I noticed that I needed more toilet cleaner.  I keep a vase (cheap $ store vase) with a toilet scrubber in each bathroom.  In the vase is toilet cleaner.  Sometimes store bought, typically vinegar and baking soda.  While looking in the laundry room for the baking soda I noticed the laundry soap.

Enter the Fly Lady voice.

Why not try it.  Worst case scenario, it doesn't work and I go buy baking soda (apparently I am out).

So, I put about a tablespoon full of granulated laundry soap in my vase, add water (to the top of the bristles of the scrubber) and get back to the bathroom.  I scrub the potty.

It smells good.  Better than the store bought stuff.  Definitely better than vinegar.

I don't let the toilets get 'dirty' before scrubbing them.  So I cannot tell you if this will work on a really gross toilet, but it seems to do the job 1) clean the toilet  2) use up the old soap

I think I will keep using this.  When I run out of this soap (in 20 years!) I will probably buy some really cheap laundry soap and continue using the same concoction.

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