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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hubbys Valentine Video

I wanted to do something fun and unique for hubby for valentines day this year.   

Flowers die.  He can't eat chocolate (or much candy at all).  Cards get thrown away.  He can't wear jewelry.  What do you get a man for Valentines day?

Last summer the kids took a few classes and learned how to take photos and turn them into a video.  At the time I thought it was silly since every phone has a video camera.  Why do you need still shots to make a video?  Now I'm glad I learned! 

They learned using some program on a mac.  I have hp computers.  They work just fine for what I need.  There is a program that comes pre-installed called Windows Live Movie Maker. It works a lot like PowerPoint.

I took a bunch of sweet heart candies and spelled out I love you.  

He loved it.  

Then we ate the candy :)

This was so easy and fun to do.  The hardest part of the entire thing - finding the candy.

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