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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pinterest Project - Wall decor/ earing holder

Having 2 girly girls, we have a lot of jewelry.  Whether it is bought or made, it needs to be organized.  After a few Pinterest searches, we came up with an idea that was very Cindy-ish.

We started with a trip to Hobby Lobby - I always loose an hour of my life and a few hundred dollars when I walk into that place.....

My decorator picked out several wooden hoops (for cross stitching) and 5 different fabrics.  The fabric had to coordinate with her electric blue room, with her, as well as with each other.

When we got home she cut each fabric to fit the hoop.

She did that with all 5 hoops - each hoop was a different size.

Cindy liked the hoops because changing the fabrics would be easy to do if she wanted to change things around in her room.  Just so that these fabrics would be able to be re used if she decided to go back to them, we left a bit hanging over the edges.

There was a lot of left over fabric

We salvaged as much fabric as possible for future projects

All done

Then, we used command hooks to hang them on the wall.

Time to start hanging up the earrings.

She separated the fish hooks from the straight backs

And her small earrings from the pearls.

She is very pleased with the way this turned out.  Now we need to paint this wall!

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