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Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentine Creativity

I thoroughly dislike being bored - or boring.

Valentines day
                      Cards - boring
                       Candy - boring
                      Stuffed animals - take up too much room
                      Flowers - die

Solution - 24 cards!

I bought a pack of Scooby doo valentines (like the ones you would for a class) and signed each one a little differently.  For example in the to: I would put things like to my hubby, to my mechanic, to my plumber, to my bff...  In the from section, I put from: your babies mommy, your wiffle (inside joke), your cars worst enemy.....

Then I hid a few each day for a few days.  I knew how many there were and how many were left to find after valentines day.  I hid some in the truck, some in his uniform pockets, in his brief case and lunch box, in his shoes....

This was so much fun!

My daughters asked every day if he found any if so, how many.  They knew how many were hidden and kept up with where they were.

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