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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Arizona Trip - Sunday #1

Sunday #1

Today stated early.

Today is the first day of our trip to Arizona.  I had the Brilliant idea of waking up at 3 am (after having neighbors over till 9) so I could shower and pack cold food before leaving town. I woke up with no problem. The kids all woke up quickly - they were excited- and got the truck loaded.  We were on the road by 3:40. I didn't have time to get gas yesterday, so that was the one stop I had to make. I thought that leaving early would be a good idea because 1) the kids could sleep until Dallas (we have made that trip a lot and they're isn't much to see)  2) less traffic at that hour of the morning, and 3) we were going to a friends church in Dallas and needed to be there by 9.

The kids went right back to sleep, just as planned. Then I got north of Houston and started to get really tired. So tired I found a well-lit church parking lot and fell asleep for 30 min.

Nap time is over, it’s time to get back on the road. It is now about 5 am.  Still sooo tired. I got just north of Huntsville and had to pull over again,  this time I found a truck stop. I slept for an hour. Ugh. No way we will make the 9 am service.

The sun is up and I have oj. I should be able to make it now.

We made it to Dallas in time to stop by a Walmart to brush hair and teeth and run over to the church.  It was at this point we realized that Big Girl forgot her crutches. Her foot is still broken. Oy.  We will deal with it after church.  Just in time for the 10:30 service. It was so good to see our old friend again.  The service was terrific, I just wish that we lived closer.

Right after church we got back on the road. The only places to get crutches will charge at least $30. I will not pay that much. We have 2 sets at home. Tomorrow we will find a good will.  I just want to get further down the road while I have day light.
Change of plans #1. Instead of going from Dallas to Amarillo we are going to go through OKC so we get all of route 66, instead of missing the part between OKC and Amarillo. We are so excited!   We always have so much fun and see such interesting things and learn a lot on rt 66 from okc going east.  There is never enough time to see everything on that route.  We always run out of daylight!  The kids slept a lot today. We didn't stop to buy food (I had plenty packed).

About 1pm hit the Texas/ Oklahoma border.   It’s a rule for any road trip – get out and get a photo in front of the state sign.

Then at 1:55 we stopped to see Turner falls. I would like to stop and swim there one day. However, every time we go by we 1) didn't know it existed 2) don't have time or 3) is to cold.   That will have to be a planned trip – not spontaneous like all the others.

About 3:30 we made it to Moore.  We were here last year to help with tornado clean up. It was nice to see the movie theater back in business and school being rebuilt. We also drove through the neighborhood we helped in. There is still a lot of work to do, but it is so so much better.

4:15 we made it to the OKC bombing site.  We were here about two years ago, it’s very sad, but an important part of our history.  After driving for 10 minutes to find a parking spot, I gave in and found metered parking right in front of the memorial. I don’t like having to pay for parking.  I think it is ridiculous (but I also understand the need for the income).  I fought with the meter for about 3 minutes when security came over and said that parking was free on Sunday. Yea!  God is watching out for us. We walked around and reviewed what Baby Girl learned in her history report earlier this semester. We wandered over to the museum. We haven't been to it. I can't remember why. Maybe it is because we always try to go on a Sunday.  The museum was closing in 20 minutes, but we did wander through the gift shop and get our passport stamped.  Not much else to do, so we left after about an hour.

8 pm. Back in Texas.  That’s right.  We still haven’t stopped.  Nearly four hours of driving.  Why haven’t we stopped?  There is no reason.  I filled up with gas in OKC and there has been nothing to stop for ever since.  Where is all the history?  All the landmarks?

10 pm.   It’s late.  It’s been a long day.  We had planned on camping tonight, but it has been horribly windy and I don’t want to set up the tent.  Big boy doesn’t want to either.  We found a truck stop on 40 and pulled into a dark(ish) area.  I have a 12 passenger van, with only four of us traveling there is plenty of room to spread out to sleep.  As we lay there trying to go to sleep we notice birds. No.  Not birds, bats. Hmmm.  As I try to block out the safety lights, I imagine the wind is rocking me to sleep.  The wind gusts must be 25-30+ miles an hour.  Bats landing on the truck.  Wind gusting.  I’m glad we are not in the tent.

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