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Monday, May 12, 2014

Flip flop wreath

So I saw this Pin.......  It seems like all my conversations are starting that way these days...... and thought "I can do that!"

After Christmas, I need something cute to dress up my front door.  What better than a wreath made out of flip flops?  We don't wear them, but there are some cute crafts using them.  Also, just seeing a flip flop makes you think of the pool, beach, summer, and warmer days.

I started with a scrap piece of cardboard.  Nothing fancy.  But I cut it big enough to support the flip flops.  It's not even round!

After a quick trip to Dollar Tree, I had 3 pair of adult flip flops and 2 pair of child size flips.  Armed with my glue gun and an idea, I just got started. I had only seen a photo, and figured I would use my imagination for the rest.

I started with putting the adult size flips in a circle around the card board.

Then a second layer to help cover the card board.

Then I noticed that it was uneven and I could still see the cardboard.  So I made another trip to the Dollar Tree.  This time I found cute patterns.  I also got two pair of goggles to decorate the wreath with.  Now I have 4 more pair of child size shoes.

Turns out I only needed 3 pair of adult flip flops and 4-5 pair of child size flip flops.  Definitely make sure that you play with the pattern and design before gluing anything down.  I am not patient, but this only took about an hour.  That was with an extra trip to the store!

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