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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

flag wreath

While I was at Dollar Tree getting materials to make a Flip flop wreath, I figured I also needed one for the Flag holidays coming up..... Memorial Day, Labor Day, July 4th......

This was another really easy project.

I started with a Styrofoam wreath thing, some garland, a red, white and blue decoration and about a dozen little flags.  I already had the foam (Walmart), but the rest was all from the dollar store.

I started with wrapping the garland around the foam.  I should have bought two garlands, but, having never done this before - it was trial and error.

Then I used a flag to mark holes - equal distances apart - along the area of foam that was not covered with garland.

Using my faithful glue gun, I filled the holes with hot glue - so the flags would not move - and quickly stuck the flags into the holes.

I finished off the wreath with the bells at the bottom and one more (larger) flag in the middle, just to cover any remaining foam.

Since I still have about half a dozen little flags left, I wonder what else I can make?!

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