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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Organized Homeschool Classroom - oxymoron

I originally found this on Pinterest - but I can no longer find this pin.  

I am cheap.  I admit it.  It is ok.  The original pinner used a cutesy folder and label maker.  I on the other hand knew that this was a 'rough draft,' and didn't want to use a $5 folder for the first try.

First, decorate the folder.  Not necessary, just because girls like it cute.  This is the backside of the folder.

This is just a cheap manila folder that I had in the classroom

I printed all the classes, and glued the paper to the inside flap of the folder.  At the top of each flap is a piece of magnetic tape (with another strip on the other side too)

This is the front side of the folder.  You can see I have cut the front slightly shorter - not necessary to do.  I cut the folder into 9 equal strips, one for each subject.

Hanging on the wall.  As a subject is done for the day they can flip up that flap.  I have visual confirmation that Language is done and don't have to ask a hundred times if they finished or not.

Next time:  
  1. I will not use a cute folder, the manila is just fine for me.  
  2. I will not trim the top - it was unnecessary.  
  3. I will also use Velcro instead of magnetic tape.  This is mostly because I am now out of magnetic tape and Velcro is super cheap.

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