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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Birthday decor

I love celebrating my children's birthday.  Decorating is one of the best parts.  Between the cake, friends, games, and excitement it's one of my favorite days.  Of course the kids love it too.  For Baby Girls birthday we put up a bunch of balloons and streamers - it looked so cute.  The best part is, it was super easy.

To start with, we took red and white streamers ($ store) and taped them to the curtain rod.  They were long, but not to the floor.  I had planned to put the table in front of the window so they just had to go behind the table. 

Then we blew up a bunch of balloons.  Using dental floss (yea, floss.  It's cheap, and readily available), we tied balloons on the string.  Leaving about a foot at one end of the floss, we tied each individual balloon on.  It sounds like it would take a while, but really, it was less than an hour.  The closer the balloons are tied together the the more "fluffy" it looks.  I wanted it to be really full and covering all of the curtain rod (where the streamers were taped).

Then, to finish it off, I taped two balloons to each end of the curtain rod.  

I loved the way it looked, but I wanted more color.  I still had plenty of streamers so I started on one end of the curtain rod, twisted the streamer and taped it to the light.  I did this about a dozen times.  Then, to cover the taped on streamers, I taped two balloons on the light - right on top of the place the streamers met.  

To finish it off, I used some curling ribbon.  If you are gentle and light with the ribbon, you get a loose curl.  If you press hard you get a tight curl.  I just did a few loose curls, it really made a great difference.

This entire thing (minus blowing up fifty balloons) took under an hour.  With help from Big Girl (handing me tape and streamers and balloons) and everyone blowing up the balloons, it was very simple.

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