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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Re-stuffing buster

Good ol' Build-a-Bear.  I took all three of my children there years ago.  I spent a small fortune buying 3 stuffed animals.  My Big Girl got a puppy.  She was 3 years old at the time.  She is now 12  After years of washing, cuddling, carrying and taking this puppy everywhere, it was pretty worn out.  This puppy dog, Buster, has been through surgery, moves, vacation, sleep overs and everything else a little girl goes through.  Through the years Big Girl has bought clothes, a leash, a car seat, and other accessories for this fluffy friend.

Then we made another trip to the mall.  These trips are few and far between, so when we do make the trip, a stop by Build-a-Bear is always requested.  Knowing that Mom would cave and stop by, Big Girl brought Buster to the mall with her.  While looking around an associate noticed that her puppy was well loved and asked if she could re-stuff the dog.  

Really?  Sure!  Buster no longer stands on his own.  His belly is slightly sunken in (lots of hugs) and he is slightly discolored.  The woman started by cutting the original stitches.

She then proceeded to remove much of the old stuffing.  Yuck.  It was no longer white.  Or fluffy.  It was really quite embarrassing.  I'm not sure why, but it was.

After removing much of the old stuffing, she hooked Buster up to the stuffer and refilled him.  She got plenty of stuffing in the head, legs, and belly.

This is a very happy birthday girl.  Even at 12, she loves her puppy.  He has a lot of memories.  

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