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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Arizona Trip - Monday #2


God does not wake up as early in Texas as he does in Arizona.  I din't wake up until 7:30 this morning.  I know I was tired, but I rarely sleep this late.  It didn't help that the sky was really overcast.  Today was another wake up and drive day.  The kids sleep with seat belts on, just so that I can do this.  I wanted to get to San Antonio early so we had all day to play.  I have to be back home by 9 tomorrow.  Since San Antonio is only 3 hours away, that means we could even stay the night.

Change of plans.  I have lost track with how many times the plans have changed.  This is not a good one though.  We weren't an hour west of San Antonio when the rain hit.  It wan't a little sprinkle like we have seen all year.  It was a downpour.  I will not complain.  I have spent the last week praying for rain.  I was praying that Arizona and New Mexico would get it, but Texas needs some too.

11:30 -  You hear the National Weather Service tone on the radio all the time.  "This is a test...."  Well, this was not a test.  I heard several and all were local flooding.  No Alamo today.  We stop at Applebees for lunch.  This was a long relaxing lunch.  I was sort of hoping that the rain would stop and the sun would come out.  No such luck.

The rest of the trip took 9 hours.  Yup.  9.  San Antonio is only 3 hours away from Houston on a regular day.  Not today.  There were accidents and flooding all the way home.  There were hours were I didn't get over 30 mph.

The trip as a whole may not have gone completely according to plan, but when you ask the kids what their favorite part was they say

Big Boy - The jammin sessions
Big Girl - White Sands
Baby Girl - All of it

That is all that matters to me.  God knew how all of this would work out.  He knew what would be open/closed, about the rain and heat and what we would have time for.  The good thing about not seeing all of the things we had planned on seeing - we can come back and do it again.

Another positive - along the drive are those brown highway signs.  They each had something I wanted to come back to see.  Many different Caverns, historical sights, other national parks, the aircraft boneyard.....

Maybe next summer.  If nothing else, the kids got to see things that were fascinating, breathtaking, and just plain fun.  It was a trip they will remember for a long time.

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