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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Tie Dye cake

For her 12th birthday my Big Girl wanted a tie dye cake.  I was wandering around the baking section of the grocery store when I happened upon this:

I will never buy it again.

There is nothing really wrong with it.  It was yummy and pretty and easy to do.  However, a plain white cake mix and food coloring would have saved me $4!

Step one:  Make the batter for a white cake

Step two:  Transfer one cup of batter into a bowl.  Do this for however many colors you want.  If you want a cake with 6 colors, get 6 bowls and put equal amounts of batter into the bowls.

Step three:  Layer the batter.  Start with a color (I used blue), then put the next color right on top - in the middle.  Repeat until all the batter is gone.

A quick Pinterest or Google search will show you that there is no "wrong" way to do this.  You can layers the colors (above), you can dollop (right), or you can layer and swirl (below).  

The important thing is  - DON'T MIX!  Once the cake is decorated, you won't see the color again until it is cut.

I used all the batter.  It's not as pretty as the last photo, but it will be swirly and 'tie dyed' when cut.

It has been cooked and cooled

Sliced for icing.  Big Girl thought it looked so cool!  That's all that matters to this momma.

All the girls thought this was so pretty.  I'm just glad my girl had a great birthday party

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