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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Ping pong ball blow


Rainy days, visitors, celebrations, impromptu visits by friends, extra time after a study session, or just wanting something different to do.......    We always need a simple game to play.  This is not only simple to play, but it took less than 5 minutes to make. 

What you need to make this:

A piece of wood (I used a 1x4, but most any scrap piece of wood will work)
Ping pong balls (check the dollar store!)
Something to blow air (check the dollar store!)
These are the washers I used.  I found them at Home Depot for about $1

Baby Girl wanted to paint the wood blue.  I had some paint, so she had fun.  Then we spaced the washers evenly. I had just enough room for 6 washers.  I didn't want them too close together.  I attached the washers with simple super glue.

Put the ping pong balls on top and you are done.  It took longer to find washers than to make the game.

We had some of these water squirters left from last year.  I bought two more at the dollar store.  They produce just enough air to blow the ping pong ball off.

The girls had a blast with this.  Now I will have ping pong balls all over the play room, but at least six of them have a home now :)

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