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Monday, June 30, 2014

Homemade ice pack

With active, accident prone children, we use a lot of ice packs.  Lunch, sprained ankles, snacks, sprained fingers, sports injuries, bumps to the head.....  You get the point.  You can never have too many ice packs.  I tied frozen peas - once.  They got lost under a bed.  Never again.

Ice packs are expensive.  Then they break and that chemical stuff is all over your child, the bed, the sofa, the lunch....  Ewww

I saw this on Pinterest and decided to give it a try.

What you need:

Portion size zip lock bags (or jewelry bags will work, look by the beads at Walmart.)
Sandwich size zip locks

Make sure your bags are good quality

The photo has a bottle of alcohol because the original post said to use it.  I did for a few bags, but when the first one leaked (in a lunch box) and made my daughters apple taste like alcohol, I have never used it again.  I have had no regrets not using it either.

Simply put the sponge in the small 'portion size' bag and fill with water

Just for leaking purposes, I also put it in a larger bag.

Now put them in the freezer. I love these.  They stay cold for the same amount of time as a 'regular' ice pack, they are soft as soon as they defrost a bit, and they are colorful.

If ever I need a sponge, there is one in the freezer.  No waste!  This is a great way to stock up on sponges :)


All ice packs make a mess.  It's usually condensation.  The biggest (and only) downfall I have seen from these is that the baggie leaks after a while.  My solution:

Yup.  Duct tape.  It fixes everything.  I still double bag as well.  Not using alcohol, I don't worry about leaks - it's just water.  No chemicals from a store bought ice pack.  I have been very thankful to have these on hand.  More than once.  I can freely hand one of these to a child who has been injured and not worry about getting my expensive ice pack back.  I will continue to make these!

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