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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Arizona Trip - Wednesday

I love how they grow wild -
and everywhere!

Another early start today. I woke up about 6 (AZ time) and drove to the nearest gas station (that was less than $3.50 a gallon) to fill up and get hot chocolate. Its cold out here!  The wake up temp was in the low 50's, but with the high winds it’s even colder!  After getting gas, dumping the water from the cooler and refilling with ice, and dumping cocoa all over my seat (baby girl put it in a bad spot and I forgot it was there) we got on our way to Phoenix.

7:20 am. Not much to see on the way.  We saw a coyote cross the freeway. Very pretty dog.  We found out what the haze is in the sky. I had no idea that there were wildfires between Sedona (about to go through there) and flagstaff.

8:30 am - Stop at a rest area -Sunset Point- to clean up for the day. If we are going to stop it might as well be in a pretty area.  It was trying to sprinkle and very windy.  What is the deal with all the wind?!

9:30 am - Bodies are clean (baby wipes), faces are clean (face wipes), clothes are changed and housekeeping is done (trash out, blankets folded, water bottles filled, books picked up....) we take time to look around at the scenery and take photos.  Then we are back on the road

9:38. Segurro cactus!  These are the coolest!  I always think of Snoopy’s brother when I see these :)  I love how they dot the mountains - by the hundreds.

10:00 in Phoenix! One more goodwill stop. Baby girl left her jacket at home and the mornings are so cold. In and out in under 5 min and under $5. I have tought my girls well :)  or so I thought. Big boy needed a pit stop so the girls and I go look at books. Bad idea. An hour later we are leaving with 4 books each. We need to be in Tucson by 5 ready to minister with music. I drag the kids out of the store and get back on the road.

Noon - Lunch time. I don't know this area. I'm looking for a Walmart. They are everywhere.  It should be an easy find.  The only one is in Tucson. Not in Flagstaff or Phoenix. We can't wait another hour. I do a quick online search for ‘grocery store’ and find a Fry’s food store (Kroger) 5 miles away. Yea!  Food (rotisserie) and gas purchased, we picnic in the parking lot.  By 1:00 we are back on the road

1:50- Tucson!  4 days of driving and we are at our ultimate destination.  We found a parking lot and practiced for over an hour. We went over all out songs twice, just to make sure we didn't forget any.

3:30. Time to clean up, change clothes and get ready to play. We stop in a Walmart and get ready. After picking up bread and meat and a veggie for dinner. By 4 we are out eating dinner and getting some prayer time in before heading to the mission center.

4:45 we arrive inside to check in. Much later than I wanted to, but it took nearly 30 minutes just to find the place and then unload the instruments and carry them around the building and inside.  We tune and start right at 5.

Mr B says that no matter what, the show must go on. Well, we had planned on a room full of 10-12 that Olds - on average.  However, we got a few 4 and 5 year olds.  Spontaneous change of plans #3!  Let's change up the program. The kids played for about 10 min. We are losing them fast, so we skip to the end where we had planned to show the children the instruments up close and let them ‘play’. They love it! Big Boy Even gives all 3 kids a pick - to keep!   After 10 min we go back to the "show."  This time the kids only had about a 10 min attention span. We gave them all the instruments to play a second time. We showed them one on one how they make different sounds and how to hold and handle the instruments gently. They loved it. Not quite what was planned, but God knew what they needed today.

6:00 pm we leave the mission center and go to a local park to play.  We find some nice kids to play with and run off a lot of energy.  We picnic, then leave after 90 min.

8:30. We are still on Houston time, everyone is tied. We all agree on an early bed time. We check in with the band instructor tomorrow.

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