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Monday, June 16, 2014

Adventures in Adoption - A placement!!

I can't believe it!  A placement!?  Us?  Wow!

Tuesday - We just got back from Tucson yesterday.  We made sure to get back by today for several reasons. One of those reasons was because we have a yearly training with Arrow for adoption.  A mom's work is never done. The truck is still not cleaned out and we are already back on our normal schedule - no time for sleeping in.

Hubby and I get to class about 10 minutes early.  That is hard to do in Houston traffic.  As we are sitting in class the instructor talks about a current case where they are in need of emergency placement for a sibling group.  Since I don't know what I can say about them, just know that their story is sad.  They are little and not feeling loved.

Sometimes God talks to us when we least expect it.  You just have to keep the line of communication open.  Tonight He was talking to Hubby and I both.  As the instructor was talking about these two children we knew that these were our kids.  After class we talk to the instructor about these kids and tell her we are interested.

Thursday - We go back for part 2 of the class.  The instructor lets us know that she is working on getting the kids to us.  There are a lot of people involved in making the decision.  I'm just excited that something is finally happening.  I get an email late in the day.  We are looking at either a Friday night or Saturday drop off.  We are all hoping for a Friday drop off so the kids can join us for a VBS carnival.  I will get more info as my caseworker gets the info.

Friday - The morning comes and goes.  Finally I get an email late Friday afternoon - maybe 3ish.  The placement will be Saturday.  Oh well.  We will do something fun on Saturday.  11pm Friday night.  I get a call from cps.  They need my address and want to let me know that the children will be brought over at 10:30 tomorrow morning.  Oy.  1) why is cps calling and not my agency 2) it's 11:00 at night!

Saturday - it's the big day.  Big Boy is going to church to pack supplies for a mission trip.  However, the kids are to be brought over right in the middle of that.  Praise God we have great friends who can help.  He always provides.  The girls and I continue to make the house welcoming for the children.  I'm not sure who is more excited, myself, Big Girl or Baby Girl....

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